Tami Molar

polymer clay sculpture artist


My Process of Clown Sculpting

​I don't sculpt all the time. I can become preoccupied with life, (kids, job, etc), and sometimes I just don't have anything in me to create. I ususally bounce around alot. Sculpture, then craft idea, writing, then oil painting. I am not very disciplined. I am working on that. I am trying to do this seriously. 

Now - when I feel the call to sculpt. Look, I know that these are clowns and they are considered, "low brow" - Fine. I accept that. But it still is an art to me. It has a heart and a soul. It is a part of me. 

Ok! Ok! Enough of tangents! See? I told you focus is tough. 

When I decide to sculpt, I usually just start based on an "urge". I have a vague idea in my head of what I want to do. So, I grab some clay. I start thinking about whether this is a male or female, and start sorting thru the colorful blocks of clay. 

When I think I have enough to begin, I condition the clay to warm up. I don't sketch my ideas out - I tried that once and it did nothing for me. I just go with the image or "idea" in my head. Soon, as I start to sculpt the head, the soul of the clown comes to the forfront. Now it is starting to speak to me. It starts to tell me if it is in fact, male or female. If it wants hair, and what kind of hair it would like. It tells me about it's body, if it is short or tall. Skinny or fat. What kind of clothes it would like. (Whew! This thing is bossy!) I feel a bit like Geppeto, when he created Pinnochio. At this point, I don't have alot of control over this clown...

Now sometimes something unusual happens. While I am working on the clown - it "dies". Meaning, I feel nothing for it. It's just a lmp of clay in my hands. Sometimes this happens after it is baked and I start to paint. When this happens, I have a "dead clown". I just put it aside or throw it away. Weird, I know. 

And that's really about it for clowns I create. Now for commision work, that's another thing. 

I get an order for someone to make them a clown for them or someone they love, I usually ask for pics - lots of them. A face shot, profile shot, a closeup face shot for details, a body shot, front, profile and back. And then I ask for details about the subject in particular. What are they like? Temperament? Interests? Hobbies? Then I need to have some time to think. Then an idea will come to me. And then I start from there. It's a long but such a fullfilling process. This could take up to a month, depending on the time constraints. 

Every single sculpture is an original. I don't use molds, so no two pieces are alike. 

I hope you emjoy my pieces as I love them!!



Commissioned work: $50 to start, depending on work 


Clown sculptures range from $15 to $40