I have been sculpting clowns since I was 17. I have always loved clowns since I was a kid. But one day, after stumbling into a craft store, I happened upon a shelf of polymer clay. I picked up the colorful bricks and read the package. I thought, "Wait a minute. Clay that bakes in your oven????? No kiln required? Wha......????" I immediately bought some bricks and took them home. I spent the evening sculpting and I thought to myself, "If I can't afford to collect clowns, then I can just make them for myself!" And thus started my obsession!

I am a self taught artist, sculpting for over 22 years. (Geez! I am old...) And the reason I chose clowns instead of just regular humans, is because clowns are more fun, colorful and can be more forgiving with the human form! I also love the beauty of clowns. Some people are scared of them, but I think, yes there is a bit of mischief with them, but that is what makes them so fun! Please check out my sculptures and other home decorative items I have to offer. My clowns are specially made, no molds and completely unique. If someone wants to buy a clown, I sculpt them the one that they choose. That way it is entirely unique and one of a kind. I feel my clowns have a personality and point of view on life. They aren't the usual empty eyed clowns you see. These clowns have a life force and a way of seeing the world, just like humans! Please check them out and feel free to let me know what you think! Thanks for reading!

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