polymer clay sculpture artist

Tami Molar

Polymer clay is a man-made clay that you can bake in your own oven. What is awesome about this clay is that you can do just about ANYTHING with it!! The only thing you can't do with it is eat off it. But you can cover anything with it and create any kind of object with it. I personally like to sculpt figures with it. 

I also love to paint oils. I also am exploring the amazingness of the 3D pen!!!! I will show you some of my experiments as they come. I also love creating what I call "nursery art". Which are cute vintage childrens book prints, hand colored and put in a matching frame. Feel free to check out my blog as well. Theclowngrrl.blogspot.com


I have been a lover of clowns since I was 10 when I started my first collection. When I was 17, I was introduced to polymer clay and I was a goner! I have been featured on HGTV on "Crafters Coast to Coast", and in Polymer Clay Magazine. I have had my work featured in various galleries throughout Southern California.  I am a self-taught artist who loves turning everything into clowns! I take pictures of people and reinvent them into their true selves, as CLOWNS! Hahahahahahaha! Come and look at my gallery and if interested in recreating yourself or someone you love as a clown, hit me up!